Mission Statement:

             Our mission is to fill the minds of our students with the light of knowledge and help them in becoming the representative of this light and eliminating the darkness of ignorance from this world. We are committed to develop young students with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, passion to serve their nation and the whole humanity, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.

Brief History

Noor School and  College, Mansehra was founded in 2013 as a college for girls. It’s the matter of great honour for the institute that our short history, by the grace of Allah, is all full of very tall achievements of our students. Only in 2016 our students won the top positions both in B.I.S.E Abbottabad and Hazara University, Mansehra.

Hamna Fida’ has been declared the topper of ‘Humanity Group’ in intermediate exams 2016, conducted by B.I.S.E Abbottabad. At the same time ‘Syeda Nadra Anwar’ won the top position and gold medal in B.Sc Exams of Hazara University, Mansehra. Another student of Noor ‘Naila Qadir’ won the 2nd position in B.A Exams 2016 conducted by Hazara University. Sixteen out of our seventeen students won A+ in the first ever S.S.C exams Noor ever appeared in. Our student of 9th Rabiha Zeb obtained 511 out of 550 marks and hopefully she will win herself one of the top positions in board in upcoming exams. Our students of B.Ed won six positions out of top ten.

            Anyhow Noor School & College is not limited to take pride only in winning positions in board and university exams. Rather we also take pride in presenting the true colours of Montessori education and teaching creative skills to all our students and especially the students from Grade-1 to Grade-7. Noor’s Montessori Section with highly trained teachers, the most modern Montessori equipment and kits, a very well thought out syllabus, indoor play land, teaching of Phonics and use of latest teaching methodology is at power with the best Montessori schools of Mansehra. Grade-1 to Grade-7 usually receive less attention by the majority of private schools as these classes don’t appear in board exams. Noor considers these classes to be the most important in terms of teaching creative skills to the students. This is the time period which presents maximum opportunities to real professional educationists to make a difference. The administration of Noor is fully committed to reflect its rich professional background in making a difference especially in these classes. In sha Allah the students of Noor will make a big difference in these school classes.

Opening of Separate Boys’ Campus:

Noor right from its start has a firm belief in sticking to, transmitting and promoting our religious values. That’s why it has always provided its female students with a very safe and exclusive environment after Grade-5. By the grace of Allah, we are going to start our Boys Section and now boys will be able to take admission in all the classes from Pre-Nursery to F.A/ F.Sc but adhering to our values, we are providing completely separate buildings for boys and girls after Grade-5 and we would keep providing the same safe and exclusive environment to our students.

All the male students who are very serious in their studies and their parents who are really looking for a quality institute for their children are welcomed at Noor’s Boys’ Campus. We are committed to provide them all the positive opportunities to take part in our well chalked out curricular and co-curricular activities in a well-disciplined way.


The management of Noor School & College Mansehra is comprised of professional educationists having the most suitable qualification, experience, skills, and reputation as educationists so it tries to make every single step taken by it meet the educational standards. Malik Abdush Shakoor, Chairman & the founder of Noor School & College Mansehra has been putting in his humble services as a professional educationist for more than 15 years in various capacities including teaching, educational administration((Founder of Noor School & College Mansehra and the famous Lang-Lit Academy), teacher training, course writing and educational research. The presence and inclusion of so many exceptional educationists in the Board of Governors, Selection Board and Academic Counsel of Noor School & College Mansehra make this institution very unique.

            The management of Noor includes not only the chairman of this institute who is also our M.D and owner but it is also strengthened by the inclusion of the principals and coordinators for each section of the school. Montessori section, school section and the college sections have their own specified coordinators who are real experts in their own specified areas. 

Physical Infrastructure and Location

Noor School & College Mansehra is a unique educational institute of Mansehra having all the prerequisites of a standard educational institution. Two separate buildings for boys & girls have been constructed keeping in view all the educational objectives. These are fully equipped with the latest necessities and facilities including spacious classrooms, science and language labs, computer labs, libraries, and multipurpose halls etc. Similarly their multi-purpose halls provide students refreshing opportunities for co-curricular activities. These are situated at By-Pass Balakot Road, Mansehra. The location of the college is ideal for an educational institution as it is away from that area of the city which is heavily loaded with traffic. The ideal location of the institution makes it very convenient and easily approachable for all and especially for female students, from within the city as well as from the outskirts of the city.

Teaching Staff

As teachers are the backbones of educational process, for standardizing their selection according to highest professional standards, Noor School & College Mansehra has our own selection board comprised of top professionals who select the teachers only after ensuring their academic excellence as well as their practical skills in teaching exhibited through practical demonstrations which are essential prerequisite for their selection.

            Ours is a region that has always stuck to our religious and cultural roots. Keeping that in mind Noor School & College Mansehra has ensured almost fully exclusive learning environment by providing our male and female students completely separate buildings reasonably away from each other. Besides we are trying to provide maximum female teachers to our female students, providing a sense of satisfaction and ease to them and their parents.

Training of the Teaching Staff

Noor School & College Mansehra doesn’t leave our teachers unattended even after their selection. As in-service professional trainings are essential for the professional development of the teachers, the institution has our own team of professional master trainers having a lot of experience in training teachers and guiding them to incorporate all the professional standards in their teaching. This facility of providing in-service teacher training is another unique feature of this institution.

Teaching Methodology

How the students are taught is even more important than what they are taught. Teaching methodology is something most deficient in our schools. The situation is so much pathetic that the toppers of our board are not selected in the entry test which clearly states that their conceptual clarity is missing and there are a lot many malpractices involved in our general teaching methodology. So it needs to be corrected and rectified. In terms of teaching methodology, Noor School & College Mansehra has got an edge that it is led by a professional teacher trainer who has a vast experience and background in training teachers of various levels. We train our teachers in such a way that our students become critical thinkers and self-responsible independent learners instead of crammers. We involve students interactively in arguments, discussions, debates, brainstorming, questioning and answering to make them really feel the taste of real education. In sha Allah their performances in the entry tests will reflect the difference Noor is trying to make in the field of teaching methodology and education.

Medium of Instruction  

Both, at school and college level, the medium of instruction is mainly English and teaching of English is one of the specialities of Noor School and College, Mansehra as it is led by a professional teacher trainer of English language. So the English teachers of Noor are especially trained for teaching English as a language and using it as a medium of instruction. The students of Noor School & College Mansehra are trained to use English among themselves and with teachers during the School and College hours.  English language is especially focused because without the proficiency in English language it really becomes difficult to be highly successful in prevalent system of examinations where mostly students are supposed to write essay type answers in English. If students are not really proficient in English language, they are only left with the choice of cramming. Noor School & College Mansehra is highly against this full time cramming so it intends to take students to the level where they can express themselves fluently in written and spoken language without cramming. For this purpose, the management of Noor School & College Mansehra has developed a full-fledged language lab in the institution which will help students in learning English a great deal.

Noor is an English medium school so it tries to inculcate all four skills of English language in our students.

Implementation of Four Skills for Teaching of Language:

While teaching Urdu, our national language, it is once again made certain that our students learn all these four communication skills in Urdu as well.

Teaching Listening:  Listening is the language modality that is used most frequently. Students may receive as much as 90% of their in-school information through listening to instructors and to one another. Noor helps its students to become effective listeners. For this purpose Noor provides modeling listening strategies and listening practice in authentic situations.

Teaching Speaking:  Speaking plays a key role in teaching learning strategies. Noor inspires its students to share their ideas to learn more effectively. Noor prepares the students to speak fluently, accurately and confidently.  

            Teaching Reading:  It is a cognitive process of decoding symbols, to derive meaning from text as in reading a book or any other literature.       For becoming good reader Noor sets certain rules i.e. Read extensively, integrate information in the text with existing knowledge, have a flexible reading style, depending on what they are reading, use inference to understand the text to make them best readers.

Teaching Writing: Noorian’s   initially learn to use writing strategies, teachers frequently discuss when and how to use the strategies throughout the writing process, as well as why the strategies are helpful. Once students learn to use a variety of strategies independently, through the gradual release process, Noor helps them in understanding how to select appropriate strategies and use them across a range of writing tasks.


Child Centered Approach:

          Noor believes in using child centered approach to provide ample chance to our students to grow in their own individual way at their individual pace. We practice this policy especially at our school classes that do not appear in board exams and we try to help them in acquiring creative skills. The child-centered approach is an application within the field of child development that allows the child to make his/her own choices and establish his/her own ideas towards promoting competent communication and learning. The approach focuses on the concept of allowing more freedom to the child, giving them the ability to use their own individual approach.

         This type of child development encourages kids to explore their interests and ask their own questions. It focuses on developing a child’s unique sense of creativity not just through artistic expression, but in how he/she learns new concepts and solves problems. The technique dictates that teachers, instead of telling the child exactly what he/she has to do, should observe more passively, giving the child the space to learn and grow in his or her own way.

Activity Based Teaching Method:

            Activity method is a technique adopted by a teacher to emphasize his or her method of teaching through activity in which the students participate rigorously and bring about efficient learning experiences. It is a child-centered   approach. It is a method in which the child is actively involved in participating mentally and physically. Learning by doing is the main focus in this method. Learning by doing is imperative in successful learning since it is well proved that more the senses are stimulated, more a person learns and longer he/she retains.

Co-Curricular Activities:

     Education includes everything that shapes the human personality. Co-curricular activities are integral part of education as these help to develop the student’s character. These also develop a sense of healthy competition and create high moral values in them.

       A part from learning number of useful skills; such activities provide chance to the students to display their talents and potentialities in informal environment. Noor has taken many outstanding steps to cultivate different skills in the student’s right from the beginning. Following are some of the main  activities:

  • Celebration of National Day
  • Monthly functions
  • Assembly
  • Sports and Games

Calligraphy and Hand Writing:

         For success in exams good writing expression is very important. So to beautify and bring excellence in writing of students we arrange regular hand writing classes by expert calligrapher.

Weekly Seminars:

        Administration of Noor arranges weekly seminars for students of literature on varied topics. Through these seminars students’ communication skills are developed.

Workshops for Teachers:

         Noor’s unique quality is that it is led by a professional educationist and an expert teacher trainer i.e. Mr. Malik Abdush Shakoor.  To refresh and learn new things about education and their own subjects, Noor helps teachers to recognize and flourish in their field. In this context different workshops and training sessions are held throughout the year to improve the quality of teaching learning process.


          Library plays a very vital role in every educational system, and our importance in modern education is undeniable. It not only consolidates classroom knowledge but gives the students opportunities to develop inside and research oriented learning.

Both campus of Noor has extensive academic library. A large variety of valuable books are available in those libraries including books on literature, language, religion, G. Knowledge and other discipline.

Faculty members and the students can borrow references books for a period specified by the librarian.

For all smooth functioning of the library certain rules and regulation have been mentioned in the libraries, which are to be strictly followed. The library staff is polite and accommodating to the students who in turn are expected to be respectful and cooperative.



Computer Labs:

         Keeping in consideration the value and importance of computer literacy in the scientific era, Noor has one state of the art computer lab, having a large number of computers. Computer literacy has been made compulsory from Grade-1 onwards.


           In Noor School emphasis is given on the applied aspect of the studies. We provide every facility to our students to learn practically within the frame of their curriculum. The school has well equipped state of the art laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology.

School Cafeteria:

           Students are always encouraged to bring healthy food for them food for them from their homes. A school canteen is also present in the institution from where students can buy food. The school cafeteria is run by a contractor and a canteen committee headed by chief proctor overlooks the quality of the products.


          The institution has three very spacious Auditoriums. Each has seating capacity of approximately two to three hundred persons. Welcome and farewell parties, get-togethers competitions and all the functions are arranged in these Auditoriums. These are also used as examination halls and also for indoor games like Table tennis and badminton etc.

Consultation with Parents:

 Noor School & College Mansehra also believes that the input from the parents is very much important for real progress of learning process so their opinions will always be sought, appreciated and heeded towards in all important decisions.


 Noor School & College Mansehra along with all our team is fully determined to put in all our efforts for some positive contribution through the field of education. May it be blessed with the help and assistance of Allah, the Almighty.

Boards and Committees :

  • Proctorial Board

A proctorial board is made to maintain discipline in the college in which students are also involved apart from the teachers. It will be headed by Chief Proctor, selected from the staff while other proctors will be selected from the students.

  • Student Affairs Committee

Student affairs committee is responsible for guidance and career counseling of the students. Director student affair contacts the students personally and encourages them to consult her regarding their psychological and learning problems in the college.

  • Parent Teacher Council

Good education involves three major parties i.e. the Parents, the Students and the Teachers. While it is our utmost endeavour to provide the best facilities and environment for the learning process, the parents are expected to play their role in preparing the student for that learning process by taking visible interest in their studies and closely monitoring the teaching process for admirable results. For this purpose Parent Teacher Council comprised of parents and teachers would assist the college in the solution of the problems of students and improving the performance of the college.

  • Admission Committee

Admission committee is solely responsible for taking decisions regarding the admissions of the student. Merit is strictly observed and the decision of this committee stands final in cases of disagreement.

  • Examination Committee

To provide the students a board or university examination environment examination committee is responsible for conducting regular examinations and tests during the academic year.

  • Master Trainers

Special care has been taken in the selection of teaching staff. Noor School & College Mansehra believes that teachers are the backbone of educational system. Teachers once hired are facilitated and trained and every effort is made for their retention. The teaching staff is rigorously and continuously trained and opportunities are provided for the development of their academic and professional skills. The college has our own team of teacher trainers and educationists providing support to the teachers in classroom management, teaching methodology, assessment, and behavior management.

  • Selection Board

Selection board is responsible for the selection of students and suitable and qualified staff for the college. The most renowned and experienced educationists are the members of selection board.


  • Literary Society

The institution of Literary Society will be responsible for organizing literary activities like dramas, variety shows, debates, and quiz competitions in the college. 

SMS Services:

 SMS Service is available which is used to inform parents/ guardians about

  • Leave / absence of ward.
  • Payment of dues.
  • Important events in school.
  • Emergency holidays.
  • News about exams and result etc.


SMS to parents are sent on their registered mobile numbers. In case of change of mobile number, kindly inform in writing to update your record.