Rules & Regulations


Discipline is a force which takes us in a certain direction. Noor believes in developing in an inner force or discipline in Noorians which may lead them to the direction of sure success. Anyhow external discipline does facilitate this inner discipline as well. Noor believes that all the rules and regulations should be for the sole purpose of bringing betterment to child. Most of the times the betterment of the child lies in being polite to him but there are situations when the betterment of the child lies in making him or her follow the rules strictly. Noor has set all our rules after making great deliberations about the betterment of our students and the administration expects the students and the parents fully abide by these. The administration reserves the right to make and alter these rules, through office orders or as it deems fit, from time to time and the students and their parents shall be bound to follow those rules along with the rules mentioned below and none of these rules will be subject to any challenge in any court of law.

Rules of Conduct:

  1. No student is allowed to paste, exhibit, prepare or distribute any poster, leaflet, and notice in the college premises.
  2. Use of mobile phones and cameras is strictly prohibited in the Noor premises and during the college functions. Mobiles and cameras confiscated shall only be returned if disciplinary committee permour.
  3. Every student of the college is required to be punctual in the class.
  4. The college authorities can revise dues without any prior notice. This revision will be applicable to all students enrolled at that time or in future.
  5. Private telephone calls of the students will not be entertained. However in emergency message can be conveyed.
  6. Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform while attending the college.
  7. The college authorities reserve the right to revise any class schedule or to re-arrange the classes.
  8. The college will not be responsible for loss of any valuable sent to a student at the college address.
  9. Jackets and Joggers are not allowed.
  10. The students will be personally responsible for any loss regarding the student’s belongings.
  11. Any fee concessions/ prizes/ scholarships are granted only at the discretion of the administration and can be withdrawn any time.
  12. The college reserves the right to make, amend and introduce any rule as and when deemed appropriate.
  13. The college, in our sole direction, shall have the right to take any disciplinary, administrative and legal action against a defaulting student committing breach of any of the college rules, regulations, policies or guidelines. Such an action may include, but shall not be limited to, expulsion, suspension, withholding of examination admission forms of  the Board/ University, roll no slips or withholding the examination result card issued by the board/ University particularly due to any of the following:
  14. Poor attendance
  15. Non-payment of dues
  16. Poor academic record
  17. Failure in college exams
  18. Misconduct in any other reason not specifically mentioned herein.
  19. Use of wrist chains or around the neck or any other jewelry and make up are prohibited in the institute.
  20. Coming to institute with uniform not washed and pressed properly or with unpolished shoes are strictly prohibited
  21. Nobody except guardians   mentioned in admission form will be allowed to meet any student in any condition.
  22. Disobedience or disrespect towards seniors or members of the staff shall at once be reported to the coordinator by the teachers and proctors. Administration reserves the right to take any disciplinary action against it.
  23. Use of unfair means or trying that in examination will make a student liable to any disciplinary action by the administration.
  24. Use of abusive language, rowdiest and indecent behaviour is strictly prohibited.
  25. Any acts of immorality are strictly prohibited.
  26. Theft or wilful damage to the school/ college property, or others’ belongings will make the student liable for strict disciplinary action including expulsion.
  27. Disinterestedness in studies, as seen from the examination/ class test results or reported by members of the staff concerned would be strictly dealt with. A student, who fails twice in the final examination(s) during his/her stay in the school/ college, shall not be retained in the institution under any circumstances
  28. Breaking of school/ college bounds and Leaving the school/ college without permission would be dealt very strictly.
  29. Use or possession of cigarettes, niswar or any other narcotics would be considered a serious offence and strictly dealt with.
  30. Possession of any firearm, or sharp-edged weapon would be very strictly dealt with.
  31. Any other act of ill-discipline that the administration feels cannot be condoned would be strictly dealt with.
  32. The administration has the authority to expel a student from the school/ college without assigning any reason. The decisions of the administration in all academic/ disciplinary matters will be final and binding on the students and their parents (as well as on the Staff). These shall not be challengeable in any court of law.
  33. The Principal and Coordinators have  full authority to fine, punish or ask a student to                        leave the school/ college premises at any time, if in his/ her opinion, his/ her stay in the school/ college is not in his/ her interest or the interest of the institution, or his/ her fellow students (without assigning any reason). Such student will stand withdrawn from the institution, even if the parents have not applied for it.
  34. The students are not allowed to have any obscene literature with them, nor may they keep other attractive valuable material like cameras, bicycles, scooters/ motor-cycles, valuable watches, pens, electrical gadgets, walk-man, mobile telephone, etc. Those who do so despite warning may stand withdrawn from the institution.
  35. Students found in possession of firearms or any other weapon will be expelled invariably from the school/college and the arm/ weapon shall be confiscated.
  36. The students are not allowed to lend or borrow money or other articles to or from one another.
  37. No student is allowed to participate in politics, nor will they be allowed to form any union etc., unless allowed by the administration to do so.
  38. A student, who is late, dirty, with hair and nails uncut, is improperly/ shabbily dressed may not be allowed to attend the school/ college and considered absent for that day.
  39. A student, who loses interest in studies and does not do his Home Assignments at all, or does them carelessly, may not be allowed to attend the school/ college under information to the parents.
  40. Habitual defaulters in this regard may be eventually expelled.
  41. Presenting or receiving any sort of gifts among students or from staff to students or from students to staff is strictly prohibited.
  42. Guardians should consult the administration for arranging meeting with the staff members. They are advised not to approach the staff members directly for matters pertaining to their child or school/ college.
  43. While in uniform, outside school/ college premises students are not allowed to stop at any shop for any purpose.
  44. Students are not allowed to use regional languages while they are in school uniforms.
  45. In case of any injury to students, only first aid is given in the school and parents are contacted for further treatment decision.
  46. In case of illness of any student during school/ college hours, parents are contacted to collect their ward for further necessary action.
  47. In case of severe emergencies, the students are sent to DHQ hospital Mansehra for necessary treatment.
  48. Timely pick & safe drop will be the sole responsibility of the parents.

The administration shall not be responsible for anything or happening outside the gate of the institute.

Evening Classes:

            Noor has a regular programme for evening classes. For board classes these evening classes will be mandatory and not optional. Students will be bound to take these classes regularly and pay for them separately.

Late arrival:

Students coming late up to 10 minutes will be fined.

For habitual late comers, parents will be called to give an undertaking about timely arrival of their child. If that doesn’t work the student’s name will be struck off.


Noor Schools & Colleges has taken  strict measures to curb absenteeism. These measures are as follows:

Attendance in class is recorded twice a day in the morning assembly and then after the break.

Leave for absence has to be applied for in writing in advance and the application, written in ink, should be duly signed by the parent/guardian. Leave asked for on telephone, or verbally in person, will not be granted.

Application for medical leave must be delivered personally by the parent/guardian.

  • Students of Board classes’ i.e. IX, X, XI, XII who frequently absent themselves from the classes, during the term will not be allowed to continue their studies in the college and their Admission form will not be sent for the Board examination under any circumstances. In case the examination Admission form has already been sent to the Board, the same will be withdrawn and such students will not be allowed to take the examination.
  • A fine of Rs. 200/- per day is levied for absence without leave in case of morning classes, and Rs. 500/- per day in case of evening classes. For board classes students, these fines may be doubled or even tripled on special occasions when attendance is crucial for studies and character building i.e. immediately before or after vacations, holidays and leaves, or during the revision before exams , evening classes and Winter Camp.
  • In case of genuine and necessary reason students guardian should send a leave along with a photocopy of guardian’s I.D card mentioned in the admission form.
  • More than 2 days absentee need medical certificate with proper written application stating days of leave.
  • Students absent even for one day in a month without any written application with an applicant’s not allowed by the principal will be fined Rs. 200 or more as deemed fit by the administration.
  • In case of six absentees in a term, (consecutive or at intervals) for school section and four absentees in a term for board classes will lead to cancellation of admission and student will be readmitted only after submission of admission fee.
  • No short leave will be entertained in routine. Short leave can only be allowed in very special circumstances.
  • Uncivilized behavior, use of abusive language or non-cooperation of parents with the faculty of the institute is not acceptable and administration will have the right to take any disciplinary action against such acts including expulsion from the institute.
  • In case of brother/ sister studying in different classes, each student should submit his/ her own application; a combined application will not be accepted as application of each student is maintained in his/ her class separately.
  • Application should be written in legible writing and should be properly presented.
  • During any kind of exams or monthly test, no leave is accepted. If any students is ill than the leave should be accompanied by medical certificate. Special fines are imposed on students who are absent on functions or during examination and the administration may even expel them.

Fees and dues:

Details of fees and dues are provided in the form of an annexure, attached with prospectus because of the likelihood of regular revisions. 

  • Submission of Fee:
  • In view of constant inflationary pressure the fees are subjects to review from time to time. So the college reserves the right to review and increase tuition fee, admission fee or any other charges. However we try to limit this increase once a year as much as possible.
  • Fee should be submitted before 10th of each month, late fee fine Rs. 200/- will be charged after due date.
  • Submitted fee for miscellaneous charges is not refundable.
  • The students will have to pay the fee for the whole academic year (12 months) even if they join the institute in the midst of the session, leave earlier or take less classes than 12 months due to any vacations or exams, as the institute has to pay the teachers for the whole year.
  • Fee Concession:
  • Sibling’s concession or any other concessions shall be the sole discretion of the administration and the same cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

Health and Hygiene:

  • Respected Parents,
  • Please check nails and hair of students every Sunday.
  • Uniform should be clean and full daily otherwise they will be fined.
  • Make them take bath every day in summer and at least after two days in winter.
  • Don’t oil their hair except on Sunday or off days.
  • Wash uniform daily.
  • Checks hooks and zips of trousers and buttons of shirt and mend them if needed daily.

Transfers withdrawal:

No student can be admitted without producing the school leaving certificate of the previous school duly counter signed by the education officer of the state. If a student is to be transferred to another school, the school must be notified at least one month prior to the transfer. A parent or legal guardian must give an official withdrawal application in the school office and take an inward copy duly signed by the Principal/Chairman. In case the Parent does not get an inward copy from the authorized official, the withdrawal will not be considered by the school.

The withdrawal application for the next session must be given to school section on or before December 15; failing to do so the parent will be charged full fee for the next academic year as per the rules of the school. The transfer certificate will be given to the parent only after all financial obligations are completed in the school and a No Dues form has been signed from all departments.

A student who fails in the annual examination will only be allowed to sit in the previous class if seat is available in that class otherwise his/her name will be struck off from the school.

Withdrawal :

A written request for withdrawing a student must reach the office well in advance i.e. not less than twenty days. The college-leaving certificate will be issued only after all the college dues have been cleared.


Any student violating the rules or showing unsuitable behavior can be expelled from the institute. A student who fails school internal exam and expelled from the school will not be readmitted in any case however she/he will have to pay all the dues of the school for the full session. Guardian should carefully note this point before admission and signing the admission forms.

  • Temporary and Permanent Expulsions:

A student may be expelled temporary or permanently by the administration in case of violation of disciplinary rules, failure in internal tests and exams, rude behavior etc. On expiry of temporary period of expulsion the student will apply for re-admission and will have to submit all the dues once again.

  • Permanent Expulsion:

                   In such type of expulsion a written notice is issued to the student concerned or maybe posted through registered post. Dispatch record will be considered as valid evidence of such notice and the decision of principal is considered as final. The student may be expelled on permanent basis due to following reasons:

  • If he/she remains unable to submit the pending documents which were not submitted at the time of admission due to any reason, till the expiry of given date.
  • If he/she submour any fake document
  • Bad conduct of student or his/her guardian which is rude, aggressive or insulting to administration or any other staff member.
  • Three times temporarily expulsion in a session may lead to permanent expulsion.
  • Absenteeism
  • Failure to appear or pass the internal exams.
  • Any other circumstance in which the administration finds that student is harmful for other students or the institute.


No parent is allowed to see a student while he or she is attending a class. Only those visitors shall be allowed to see a student whose names are included in the visitors list provided by the parents. Seeing students during office hours is a disturbance and the same should be made only in emergencies.